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reviewetopinion's Journal

Reviews and Opinions
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community where anything and everything gets reviewed. Please note that we do not flame wars here and there will be no personal attacks against anybody who writes for this community.

Review Rules:
How to Review/Review Format
List the following things in this order:

Name of What you are reviewing
Pros (aka what was good about the product)
Cons (aka what you didn't like)
Bottom Line (aka would you recommend this to somebody else?)

After these things, you would write the body of the review. There is no length requirement as long as it doesn't clog up other people's friends pages. However, you should be as specific as possible in what you liked or didn't like. No cussing or bad language in the review or opinion, please.

What is unacceptable for a review?

1. Please do not use cuss words or foul language.
2. Not being specific enough.
3. Being off topic.
4. Plagiarizing or copying someone else's review.

What can you add to your review?

1. You can add graphics or html links to your review.
2. Use html as much as you want in your review.
3. If possible, add a picture of the thing that you are reviewing.
4. Make it interesting and fun!

Forum Rules

1. Please do not make negative comments or attack the reviewer.
2. You can write a counter review, but you cannot attack somebody else's review in yours.
3. Starting a flame war will get you instantly banned.
4. Keep the language clean.
5. Respect other people and their opinions.

If you have any comments or question contact the moderator peacheater77

Thank you.